Here at the Image Story, we love photography.

We love photography so much, when we see great images, we can’t help but be curious. Beyond the superficial technical details, we want to know the stories behind great images.

The Image Story is all about sharing craft and inspiration that go into making passionate photography. It’s about getting back to what makes us excited about photography and strive for the next great shot.

As photographers, we’ve all seen fantastic images and wondered, “How did they do that?” Not just the technical details, but more simply, how the image came to be. What inspired the image? What preparation was needed to make the shot? What decisions made about composition, timing, and the overall execution of the image?

The goal of the Image Story is to answer these questions, all in the photographer’s own words.
We want to go beyond the technical details and celebrate the motivations and processes of why we make images.


Photographers interested in contributing to the Image Story are invited to view the Submissions Guidelines.

Behind The Image Story

The Image Story was created by Chris Owyoung and Todd Owyoung as a way to sharing their love for photography and as a way to give back to the photo community.

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Todd Owyoung
Editor in Chief

Chris Owyoung
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Sarah Jacobs
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Michael Bou-Nacklie
Associate Editor

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    • admin

      Hi Kris, thanks very much for the kind comment! We would love a submission from you — please feel free to send several options as well. Regardless, we hope you’ll continue to check be a regular reader in the future!

  1. Jan Henkel

    Hey guys, read about you at petapixel… great idea, especially for me who is still developing some skills and is interested in everything dealing with imaging. Would be great if you guys could describe the post processing in future more detailed. Will tune in again, for sure!

  2. stan pearlstein

    look forward to seeing new posts from you via email & will forward this article to a few of my photo pals here in North Carolina.
    the images are really great…………………………….

    best regards – Stan

  3. Michael Whitaker


    Via a LinkedIn.com group, today I was introduced to your website. Bottom-line, you have a terrific website I intend to follow closely.

    Is there a way to subscribe to your posts? If so, I will appreciated related information.

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