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The Image

Alessandro Corongiu

Aeroporto Elmas, Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy

Time / Date:
17:30 / 06/05/2014

The Technical

Camera Body: Pentax K-5 IIs
Lens: Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8
Other: Silver panel reflector

Camera Settings:

Shutter Speed: 1/200s
Aperture: f/11
ISO: 160
Focal Length: 23mm (39mm FF equivalent)

The Story


I’ve discovered photography a bit late. When I was a child I used to spend my days drawing and I wasn’t thinking nothing else. When I was to the high school, fascinated by what was happening to me, I’ve felt the necessity to write and I’ve quit drawing. I discovered photography only at 24 years and I was being literally absorbed by this studying from encyclopedias, treaties, observing the old masters photographs and of course shooting. I’ve realized that I could describe something using pictures. My curiosity forced me to look beyond the simple beautiful photograph, so I’ve discovered that to realize something able to hold over in time it’s needed to look beyond the basic beauty and trying to express something become a simple mission.

This picture belongs to a fashion publishing plan called desertmind and describes the delicate relationship between woman and man. The man is trying to repair the car (which symbolize the complicated state between the two), he made some mistake and he doesn’t know what to do, he feels himself lost alone. On the other hand, the woman is very self-confident but decides to offer him a second chance. This is that moment, the decisive instant.

The Scene: 

It was taken some weeks of researches sooner than find a suitable place for the shooting and it had to be the closest possible for a logistical reason. In the background there is an airport. I would have shot only during the airplanes transit but I had less time on my hand and I had two set to shot before the end of few hours. The presence of the control tower reveals in advance the possibility of a second journey.

For the scene I’ve used a silver reflector panel in order to open the shadows. For the rest it’s a matter of natural light and blue sky.


I prefer having a complete vision of the set and framing the scene. For this reason I frequently use the wide-angle lens and a medium diaphragm to have everything focused.

I feel comfortable with my gear and I believe that is the best compromise between price and quality. As everyone, I’m curious to know with which equipment my colleagues are working, but I don’t buy anything that is not strictly necessary.

Making the Shot:

There are two versions of this picture. One is taken with a close range which the model is on a close-up position and the rest on the left, the outcome wasn’t satisfactory and the background was confused. Thus, I left some metres and I laid down on the ground removing the airport structures, sliming the model’s shape to value her physical aspect. The composition is simple and everything converge to the wrench that represents the symbol of the key.

Editing & Processing:

There is a minimum of postproduction even if the picture was just perfect. I’ve arranged the shades, I’ve eliminated some reflection of the car and I’ve removed some little imperfection on the model’s skin. Something that I’ve done in few minutes. Naturally, I’ve other versions of the same picture, I always shoot two time to be sure to not have hitches, especially when I consider extremely important the work I do.

Looking Back:

I’ve chosen this image because belong to my experience and represents my fears and also my hopes. As regards the technique I have to say that I immediately appreciate it, it was exactly as I’ve had visualized.


I prefer not to give technical advices, for this purpose there are a lot of books and the practice. I say only that in my opinion to create something that owns a special value during the time is essential to have a lot of passion, patience and the style goes without saying.


There are limitless sources of inspiration, it’s just a matters of being receptive and keep you eyes open. I really like geometries, lines, colors and the way they melt together. I love symbols and stories. In my point of view a photograph is perfect when is technically unexceptionable and above all, when it get something across.

The perfect picture is a vision. I’m endlessly looking for these visions, I need them. I dream them at night and then I try to press the shoot button every time I see them. Moreover a lot of films inspired me, especially the American films because they always have fascinating lights


About the Photographer

I’m a 30 years old photographer. I’ve start shooting because I’ve felt the need to express myself, my world as I’m seeing it. That’s a passion that is turning into a profession. My way to make photography consist of a mixture of different genres: fashion, reportage, wedding, conceptual, architecture, portrait.

When I’m not shooting, I’m studying
When I’m not studying, I’m observing
When I’m not observing, I’m dreaming

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