Brad Masters: Waimea Bay, North Shore

The Image

Brad Masters

Waimea Bay, North Shore, Hawaii

Time / Date:
16:55 / December 8, 2009

The Technical

Camera Body: EOS-1D Mark 3
Lens: Canon EF 600mm f/4L USM

Camera Settings:
Shutter Speed: 1/4000
Aperture: f/9.0
ISO: 250
Focal Length: 600mm

The Story


This image came around by chance as a wave like this doesn’t happen very often. This photo was taken the day before the Eddie contest. I had been shooting since about 5am in the morning and had been moving around constantly to find different angles to showcase the wave and the surfers. Upon arriving to this spot to shot this image I had teamed up with a fellow photographer named Shorty.

The Scene: 

We had just set up our gear and the horizon turned black on us. Little did we know what was going to happen this wave wave marched its way thru and Shane Dorian and Mark Healy were in the spot to turn and go. What follows is one of the biggest waves to be ridden in the bay. To capture this moment from this angle was one of the most unique moments in surfing.


The gear was using was all Canon. A 1D Mark III, a Canon 600mm f/4 lens and a Miller tripod. This set up is my standard land gear when shooting surfing.

Making the Shot:

This shot worked out as it did by constantly taking shots in between this wave coming and changing up my setting. I do this alot. I look at the image on the screen of the camera and then change up the setting till I get what I’m looking for. This would be one of the best advantages with digital photography now days.

Editing & Processing:

This shot the editing and processing where very minimal. The Raw file to this what you see are nearly the same. The only thing I did was up the contrast a little bit and sharpen the image. Normally I would edit my images a bit more but this was one of the few that just turned out right on the mark.

Looking Back: 

This shot is one of the best photos I have ever taken in my career as a Surf Photographer. With surfing its all about capturing that special moment that just happens.

The photo has helped me in my career as a photographer that is willing to look for new and exciting angles to showcase surfing.

This image of Dorian and Healy at the bay is now available thru Finsmen on a digital printed t-shirt. Check out my whole range via Finsmen.


When shooting waves that have been around for a long time always walk around and look for different angles. If your shooting by yourself and everyone else is bunched around each other, if you score gold it will stand out from everyone else.


My Inspiration comes from guys like Ted Grambeau, Zak Noyle, Jason Reposer and Dustin Humphrey. These are the guys that I love to see there work and the way their always find new angles.



About the Photographer

I’m an Australian Surf Photographer that is based over in Bali Indonesia for the last 6 years. I live here with my French Wife Morgan and son Kai. Surf Photographer is my true passion. Shooting photos for living is such an amzing experience and capturing those moments that normal just flash by your eyes in life. You can see my work on mu Instgram account MasterIndo and soon my website. My work is regularly published in Surfer Magazine and ASL surf magazine.

Profile: Brad Masters, Club of the Waves
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Instagram: @mastersindo

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