Welcome To The Image Story

It’s with a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation that I welcome you to the Image Story. This site is something over a year in the making, and I’m happy to finally and officially announce the Image Story to everyone.

For a while I’ve been interested in creating a new website as a means of giving back to the online photography community.  A project that would get at the heart of why we as photographers make images. The solution: The Image Story.

The Image Story is all about sharing craft and inspiration that go into making passionate photography. It’s about getting back to what makes us excited about photography and strive for the next great shot. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words — the Image Story is dedicated to the next thousand, for everything that the picture doesn’t say.

The Format

The format of the Image Story is simple. A big, beautiful image and then a description about the image in the photographer’s own words.

The Image Story Needs You

To start the Image Story, we’ve contacted a small group of photographers whose work we respect and wanted to share, and even asked this group to recommend peers they respect.

Beyond this, we’re looking for your, the readers, to help this site grow and continue to share inspiring images. We’re looking for images of every genre and kind, from photojournalism to landscape and commercial work to personal projects.

If you’re interested in submitting an image to the Image Story, please visit the Submissions page.

Moreover, if the goal of the Image Story is something you would like to see succeed, sharing the site with fellow photographers would be a huge support.

We’re super excited to begin sharing  inspiring photography. To stay connected for all new stories, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Thank you for reading and welcome.

Todd Owyoung


Submit Your Images

The Image Story is all about inspiring images. We want to share and showcase your very best images—the ones that you’re most excited to share and the ones that tell us who you are as a photographer. Submit your images to be featured on the Image Story


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