Hello New Readers!

After our official launch less than two months ago, we’re very happy to say that word about the site is spreading. So to all of our new readers, welcome and thank you.

In the last two weeks, we’ve had the fortune of a number of features on various photography sites, starting with a mention on Imaging Resource, who described the site as “a fantastic behind the scenes from a huge variety of photographers, and endlessly interesting.”

From there, the story was picked up by PetaPixel, who say “The website is also beautifully designed and streamlined so it’s easy to use.” Needless to say, a mention from a source as popular as PetaPixel was really a boon for any new website. A 3300% increase in visitors? We’ll take it.

Shortly afterward, we received links and writeups from a variety of sites around the globe, including Polish tech site SpidersWeb, the French blog PhotoTrend, Peru-based Clases de PeriodismoALTFotoGeekSugar, FroKnowsPhoto, graphic design staple Communication Arts, and more.

This is all just to say, we’re super excited to have a surge in readership because it means all the more eyeballs on the photographers and images we’re so proud to feature. Moreover, this additional exposure has created a huge influx of new submissions, which we’re very excited to share. It’s been really a personal thrill to pour over all submissions and see people so excited about the idea of sharing their work and motivations as photographers.

Last but not least, we’re also excited to announce that the volume of submissions we’re receiving and accepting has allowed us to push our editorial calendar to four new images every week. As we grow, we will certainly move to even more content every week.

Again, thanks to all of our new readers. We hope you enjoy all of the photography here on the Image Story. This is just the beginning.

Todd, Chris & Sarah
The Image Story Staff

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